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Dover Coloring Books give you the best bang for your buck and are perfect for beginners

Dover Coloring Books give you the best bang for your buck and are perfect for beginners


Coloring Books for Adults - How to get Started

Chrissy Morin

The amount and variety of books and supplies can be daughter so the Coloring Book Addict published a list of tips and tricks for those interested in getting started with adult coloring.

Adult Coloring Book Supplies for Beginners

The first thing to do is look in your own crafting supplies.

Do you scrapbook? Then you probably already have nice markers and maybe some gel pens. Do you make cards or stamp? You might have colored pencils and pastel chalks you can use for backgrounds. Dont buy crayons, crayons are horrible to color with. you cant stay in the lines because the crayons are so wide at the end and they do not sharpen easily and you can never get nice deep colors because the wax builds up so quickly. Have those for the kids or grandkids but dont even try them in your pretty new books.

Budget Friendly Adult Coloring Book Supplies

Crayola Colored Pencils (the long ones) These are a fantastic option and for the price you cant beat it. You can invest in better pencils later and let the kids or your friends use these, but some colorists find they like the results they get from these as much as they do the expensive artist brands.

One step up from Crayola but still a wonderful value would be the Marco Raffine pencils. These are not available in the US but are on Ebay for around $25 including postage. Examiner Tip Recommended seller on Ebay.

Marco Raffine 72 colors $25

You can buy these pencils on Amazon too but Ebay is usually much more cost effective.

Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Amaon $27

If you already know you are going to want the best money can buy then you have two choices. The next level up from Crayola will be your Prismacolor premiere soft core artist pencils and the best of the best preferred by most colorists are the Polychromos colored pencils by Faber Castell. Buy the biggest selection of colors your budget allows as in the end it will save you money if you end up going back and buying the bigger sets.

Blending pencils are what turn an average colorer into a colorist. Blending pencils are a colorless pencil that helps you blend your colors together and get rid of all those white parts you see on your page. They really are miraculous the first time you try them. Different ones work better with different pencils and different books, you really do have to experiment. Luckily they arent very expensive.

Many people love to use baby oil for blending. You apply a VERY small amount with a paper blending stump and blend it. Put a piece of paper underneath and leave the book open for the oil to evaporate. I would play with this on a book where the pages are removable just to see what you think. There are expensive blending mediums and mineral oils but they are toxic and we know and probably have some baby oil sitting in the house.

Budget friendly backgrounds you can color them in the colored pencils but it is tedious and time consuming or you can use soft pastels. Pebbles brand chalk pastels are a favorite because of the handy box and the application tools that come with it. There are several color varieties. Make sure you buy soft pastels and not oil pastels.

The Coloring Book Addict says that the most important tip for new coloring book enthusiasts is a good pencil sharpener. For a small investment this is so important. The sharper your pencil the more grooves in the paper will be filled in and less of the white background showing through.

The Kum Pencil Sharpeners are the best bang for your buck. You can watch the pencil sharpen so you arent over sharpening and wasting any of your precious pigment and you wont break it. The blades on these German made sharpeners are high quality plus this little guy fits easily into your coloring bag. A little more expensive and have the guard to keep the mess of the shavings inside are the Prismacolor Sharpener and the Faber Castell Sharpener.

If you are brand new to color/colour theory and shading, blending and highlighting with colored pencils then the book that is recommend is by Jane Monk called Tangled Treasures or Tangled Gardening. They both have 52 illustrations that range from beginner to intermediate colorer but the first 10 pages is filled with art instructions on shading and blending with several different mediums, color wheels and explanations and it is really excellent for a beginning coloring book enthusiast. See the video for a quick peek at those pages

Tangled Treasures is available from the Book Depository if you are outside of the United States.

Best Coloring Books for Beginners

The easy answer is the ones you like to color in, but how do you know? Dover Publications / Creative Haven coloring books are going to be the best bang for your book when you start out and are perfect for the beginning colorist. There are books from mandalas to vampires to chose from. You will quickly learn which of them are your favorites because you will be anxious to pick that book up again and again. For the most zen experience for some they like easy lines and repetitive pictures that you dont have to worry about blending and color selection. If you have any sort of artist background you might prefer the detailed books from Johanna Basford and Daria Song.

If you are starting with any of Johanna Basfords Coloring Books you are going to want some fine liners or gel pens for the tiny spots on her beautiful illustrations. Gelly Roll Gel Pens have always been a favorite and work perfectly on books with two sided pages. Gelly Roll Glitter Pens Stardust Meteor, Gelly Roll Glitter Pens Stardust Galaxy and Gelly Roll Metallic Pens are all perfect for your new hobby.

Storage for your new hobby is fun to shop for as well, you might already have 1 (or 50) 31 bags in your closet and any of those with lots of pockets are perfect. You might like this stackable interlocking storage that you can take with you anywhere.

These supplies will get your started and of course there are so many books to explore on Amazon, Dover / Creative Haven Books and Book Depository

You might want to read through this article "Tips for Adults New to Coloring Books for Grown-ups" before you start coloring

It is highly recommended to the Hobby Lobby & Michaels App to your smart phone. That way you always have the coupons with you.

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Although it may seem like PR101, it should be clearly stated that a press release is an effective way of engaging targeted audiences by having influential media outlets, social advocates and consumers discover your story. It is after the discovery process that you gain what is referred to as earned media meaning publicity is attained, not purchased, from promotional efforts rather than advertising.

This point was recently brought up in response to Google taking a hard stance against embedding anchor text in press releases in order to gain PageRank. How they relate to press releases are as follows:

Press releases will be treated as a paid placement by Google.Optimized anchor text links in a press release distribution will be considered unnatural and will not pass PageRank in Google search results.

What this means is that Google is stopping unnatural link building from press release distribution.

The search engine leader is attempting to give the user the best experience possible and the latest algorithm update will look for link schemes used to manipulate search results. John Mueller, one of Googles lead Webmaster Trends Analysts, talked in a recent video hangout about the way Google will look at press releases. Mueller said, When [press release issuers create a link to] themselves we do not consider that natural. Promoting is perfectly fine but it is not considered a natural link. We are looking for an external person to say, I am recommending this website or article.

Press Release Links Misunderstood

Press releases can generate natural links that can help add ranking to your company, but there is a misconception on how this is achieved. A poorly written press release that is blindly spammed to the masses does not have any authority to garner any links and will be ignored. In contrast, a well-conceived release that has a unique voice can get coverage from Advertising Pay news organizations, can be shared over social outlets, and can generate plenty of links that are third-party votes of confidence that the message was newsworthy. In other words, it is not only the press release distribution system that is generating the links, but the results of your PR efforts.

For example, if the Associated Press picked up your press release and did a national story, you would not gain links simply from having your story on AP, but from the subsequent results of that story. The benefit happens when millions of readers discover your story and engage with your company or brand. They may Digital Marketing choose to link to you or share that information on their social networks.

The true value in distributing a targeted release via the wire is not simply to gain links, but Ad Example the influence, brand awareness and reputation you gain when you distribute your press release so widely that it is found and shared in various media or social outlets worldwide.

What is Business Wire Doing About the Latest Algorithm Change?

Google Webmaster Tools says that to prevent PageRank from passing on anchor links within a press release you can do one of the following:

Add a rel=nofollow attribute to the <a> tag.Redirect the links to an intermediate page that is blocked from search engines with a robots.txt file.

When you use Business Wire, we do all of this on your behalf to ensure that your releases get the most online visibility and ranking benefit from our vast distribution network worldwide.

Business Wire uses the Google-approved method for carrying links when we activate what we refer to as smartlinks in a customers press release. By redirecting the anchor links in all press releases carried on our network, and by adhering to Google best practices when distributing a press release tonews outlets, financial markets,disclosuresystems, investors, information web sites, databases, social influencers and other audiences, we represent authority as a reputable service that has been distributing press releases since 1961. We simply will not publish press releases that are not in accordance with Business Wires policies and procedures.

When considering the latest and constantly evolving changes from Google, it is always good practice to simply focus on writing a thought-provoking newsworthy press release which incorporates meaningful, relevant links. This will ensure that your release will create genuine interest and attract influential media outlets and Digital Marketing influencers to engage with your content. Dont overthink the SEO aspect, but rather concentrate on original, engaging, shareable content using the best distribution possible to reach your audience.

Like this:

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With a growth rate of 27% per year the ETP markets are gaining momentum day by day. If you are seeking core asset allocation, a reliable name in this field is Toroso Investments, a registered investment advisor, operating through a network of dedicated and highly qualified team research professionals.

A good research will help to reveal the current nature of the trend in the market. Functional understanding and commitment to thought, exhibiting deep industry knowledge, are the features to look for in an ideal ETF Research. The major reforms in the Asian zone have created a positive buzz in the market. As a matter of fact the market situations in the economically healthy Southeast Asian nations are sturdy despite the massive political unrest. These are signs of confident and consistent fast-growing economies. These economies are resilient and do not fall prey to the blows of tough circumstances. The strongest among the South Asian nations is Thailand, which has the power back up upper middle income economy. Along with this it has a very strong inflow of capital from investors that do not take the small issues into account and stick by their determined values.

However the inflow of capital to the BRICS nations has deteriorated a little. The political havoc between Russia and Crimea has led to major concerns. As per resources Russia is not in the position to handle the geological factors relating to the Crimean waters and domestic oil companies. It requires a hearty capital inflow to work against the damage attained by its conflict. Strangely Russia does not have human resources or capital resources, to help develop projects in extracting fuels. Even the slowdown of the economic growth in China has led to a fall in the inflow of capital into the economy.

There have been changes in the tools used for analyzing the behavioral pattern of the Funds. The use of the previous theories for example the Modern Portfolio Theory has been disregarded and alternative approaches have taken over. One such change over is the use of Asset Allocation Approach. This helps to increase the correlation among the world markets, helping to build confident portfolios for the investors.

A sector of great potential is the Tech sector. This sector has a lot in store as most of the organisations belonging to this field have very prospective Balance Sheets. Their growth rate might have reached a stable point but their stability offers a lot of secure dividends.

Let us ask ourselves what factors Options Brokers would be responsible to keep us motivated to invest our hard earned money on the best values? Watching the value of the stocks that we have invested in every quarter keeps the interest in tact, especially if the stock is sailing in the Options Trading bull market! But actually it is the fruit of our persistence, patience and perseverance that boosts our morals! So for financial success it is extremely important to stick to your plans, wait and watch.

So here comes the success story of Exchange Traded Funds: their ability to provide the instant diversity in the portfolio, and an added feature of transparency and power to radically transform the financial markets today!

About the Author:

Toroso Investments LLC is a SEC approved financial advisory firm that conducts defined ETF researches . Their team works singularly towards designing portfolios that fit into all of its investor's requirements and are beneficial to the clients.

Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com - Investing

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